S2E8 Philip Tete : Founder – Lip Visual Studios

Philip n. Tete is an African born and raised entrepreneur currently living and doing business in the United States. He is a visual content creator and marketer, a business strategist, owner of Lip Visual Studios and he calls himself, the world’s first African high ticket closer. Philip was born and raised in Bamenda, Cameroon to lower middle class family of 7. He started his Entrepreneurial ventures at the age of 8 and at 16, he started a movie production agency “Grass
to Grace Entertainment” with his friend. They quickly got regional recognition as their skits were picked by a few TV stations. Philip was in the middle of making his first feature film when he moved to the States to join his family in 2011. In 2013, he started school at P.G Community College Studying business administration. He later transferred to UMBC majoring in Cinematic Arts and Minor in entrepreneurship. With just 1 more year to graduate, Philip dropped out of school and started Lip Visual Studios. Philip also created nduttu.com, a site for Cameroon music streaming. He has tried and failed in network marketing, stock trading and affiliate marketing. As an entrepreneur, he is constantly reinventing himself and trying new things.


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