S2E10: Sandra Kemayou – Business Strategist /Best Selling author / Speaker

Mrs. Kemayou is an articulate and innovative no nonsense leader who is driven and dedicated in her chosen sphere of influence. She is a purposeful and intentional visionary, a skillful communicator and strategist, is missions and focused driven, and demonstrates a natural and uncanny ability to tap into the innate and limitless potential of women from both a professional and personal perspective. As an anointed woman of God, her WOW retreats create a safe space in which she teaches women how to secure a healthy balance between career, family and social life styles, and that the overall state of their psychological, physical, social, spiritual and financial wellbeing is only as good as the effort that is placed in making this the “Business of You.” As a result of this labor of love, Sandra recently debuted her first book “Guide To Creating WOW Retreats: Transforming Lives One Retreat at a Time” A step-by- step guide for fellow retreat planners.

As a business coach and process guru, Sandra Kemayou is well adept at thinking outside of the box to skillfully analyze the business of you. As a shrewd business woman, her gifting as a process guru affords her the opportunity to implement bold initiatives that are essential to the promotion of business success visioning, develop and implement appropriate strategies for coping with constant change, engage with key internal and external stakeholders, and identify and segment customer needs as opportunities to maximize current and evolving market opportunities. Her success in the field of business coaching is a well-known reality to those whom she has helped to successfully reposition and restructure their entrepreneurial ventures.

Website: sandrakemayou.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Sandra.kemayou/
Facebook: www.facebook.com//skemayou2017

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