S2E14: Goshen Carmel – Filmmaker

Goshen Carmel is a passionate Filmmaker/Photographer based in Denver, Colorado.

With a heartfelt story hailing from D.R.Congo, Goshen moved to Denver, Colorado in 2010 with his three siblings. Goshen had a dream to become a professional soccer player when he first moved to Denver, Colorado and becoming a visual storyteller never crossed his mind. Suddenly, Goshen found himself drawn to visual storytelling because many of his peers on the soccer fields and in his neighborhood were sharing their stories of struggle, compassion and love as former refugees.

Motion pictures and photography has enabled Goshen to become a better storyteller and a voice for people in his community.

Visual storytelling has inspired Goshen to be more confident to share stories of pain, resilience and hope.

Goshen is currently building his own multimedia company in his new home of Denver. Hence, Goshen hopes to produce a major film about the struggles of minorities in his native country, D.R. Congo.

His work can be found at:
Website: www.goshenimagery.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/goshenimagery/
Faceboot: www.facebook.com/goshenimagery/
Twitter: twitter.com/GoshenImagery

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