S2E24 Didier Ganza: Co-founder and CEO of S.O. AFRIKA Entertainment

In this episode we sit down with Dider Ganza, co-founder and CEO of S.O. AFRIKA a group of artistic individuals, graphic
designers, cinematographers, rappers and singers based across the
world. It’s primary mission is to put African artists on the map by
providing all the tools necessary for one to succeed in today’s industry.
We cover a wide range of topics including his new raido show, AUDIBLE TRAVEL that goes live every Tuesday at 6am – 7am on Livesquareradio (search and download the ios app!)

Dider Ganza has been active in the entertainment business for many years and has always had
a passion for bringing people a better quality of entertainment. Born and raised in Rwanda Africa
he felt a suffering of good entertainment amongst his people and set out with a vision to change
that whether it is the area film, dance, music, or events he makes sure his work inspires people
to dream.
He started this long-standing infatuation at an early age, dance being his first captive in the
entertainment field he quickly grew to be admired and gained notoriety through out Rwanda as
being one of the most revered dancers in the country. Ganza earned that level of respect by
winning several dance competitions, one of them being the Masters of Rhythm, which he took 1st
place in freestyle. Not long after his dancing career started Dider ganza got together with some
close friends and birthed Sick City Entertainment, Sick City was built to bring Rwandans and
eventually the rest of Africa better events with even better entertainment. He and his colleges
hosted events, and promoted artist gaining quiet a big following doing so “Everyone knew who
Ganza was. I was always active, on billboards, on the radio”
“I never saw myself as one specific thing I can do, I always wanted to do a whole lot of things to
entertain people” – Dider Ganza
In 2007 Dider ganza started working at local radio station Contact FM where he interviewed
some of the biggest artist in Africa. After building his small empire back home and becoming a
local celebrity Dider Ganza decided to move state side to Storm Lake, Iowa to attend Buena
Vista University for International Business and eventually landed at Full Sail University for Film
not to long after that. He is currently making a name for himself in the Photography portion of the
entertainment industry by releasing high quality music videos for artist around the world that has
the Internet talking!
Dider Ganza has made a vow to set the standard of entertainment at a higher caliber and plans
on doing so at any cost, make sure you stay tuned to hear what the futures holds for this pioneer
of our modern era!
You can find more of his work on these platforms:


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