S3E4 Tobi Owolabi: Motivator | Life Coach | Public Speaker

“I wish you would tell us that we couldn’t accomplish something. I don’t care if you have more money than us, if you’re stronger, faster, or think you’re smarter. Unless we allow them to, they can’t outwork us. That’s where we even out the playing field”
– Tobi Owolabi

At times we listen to motivational speakers who say the right things and have the right mindset but for one reason or another we do not connect with them. This was an issue that Tobi identified and came up with a different approach of how he motivates young people.
In this episode, we dive deep into what shape Tobi’s view on life and how he is applying it daily to his business and family. Have your notebook handy when you listen to this episode. There are many ideas in it that you need to test. We hope you enjoy it. If you like it, please rate us on iTunes and any other place you listen to podcasts. Tobi can be followed on Instagram @IAmTobiOwolabi

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