S3E5 Yinka Akinsanya: Founder of Command Your Wit

My name is Yinka Akinsanya, born in Lagos, Nigeria. I only transferred schools from Nigeria to the states 4 years ago.
Like my environment back home, I’ve been lucky enough to settle in a city (Saint Paul, Minnesota), that consists of the poor and the rich, so to my advantage I have been able to appreciate the different cultures and diversity of social classes in the United States. Now I’m an Accountant and the Founder of Command Your Wit

Command Your Wit is a Platform for dreamers around the world that migrate to a foreign land, helping you work smart and not just hard. Your destination for the push you need to become anything you want to be. We’re here to enable you, inspire you, and to boost your confidence. Our goal is to help you learn how to become successful in your career choice by providing for you interviews and stories from people before you. Giving detailed explanations on how they have been able to achieve success, especially for those who are still trying to find their path.


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