S3E12 Religion versus Spirituality – PART 1

In this two-part episode we tackle a topic that many shy away from – Religion vs Spirituality. We live in an age of numerous religions. Every corner you turn you’ll find a new Religion springing up! What does this all mean? What does it mean to be Religious or Spiritual? Can you be both? Are they mutually exclusive? Is there a place for Organized Religion in your life? 
To delve deep into this topic, we have an expert on our show. Paul Mwalimu is a Christian who believes in ONE GOD, one faith and one way to heaven. He belongs to no organized religious denomination and believes that the Bible is enough for him. 
He holds degrees in Economics, NGO Management, Public Health and Education. He is currently a Mathematics professor, community mobilizer and CEO of Think Ahead Plus, a charity that promotes and supports after school education through after school tuition clubs. 
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