Month: April 2019

S3E18 Nina Iliza: Founder -Heart Of a Thousand Hills

Nina Iliza is the founder of Heart Of a Thousand Hills (HOTH), an organization with a mission to provide educational opportunities to underprivileged children. The organization began as a passion project and a way to change her own narrative of what it means to be a survivor. While developing the organization, she received her Masters in Nonprofit Management with a concentration in fundraising. She has combined her love for giving back, and her devotion to education into what she hopes to be a path for the future. Heart Of a Thousand Hills started by collecting and delivering school supplies but has now grown to build a school, implement programming and promote a volunteer culture among Rwandan youth. While the organization is still young and always growing, she has enjoyed every bit of the roller-coaster.
With a small team, HOTH has been able to stand out as an NGO operated solely by volunteers. The work is hard but the joy received is priceless.