Month: May 2019

S3E19: Riflex – Musician (Afro-Trap/Afrobeat)

Three Studio album releases in and RifleX is at his creative best. For years the Cameroonian native has been something of an outlier in African music, firmly placing a thumbprint on the fame while invoking the power of supreme quality music, powerful lyrics, and awesome vibes. RifleX has proven to be both consistent and unpredictable in his approach. RifleX started rapping at age 16 after two years of writing poetry as a ghostwriter.

Growing up in Cameroon, the guys could write a poem and recite it to a girl, got ALL the ladies in school. RifleX’s gift with words quickly made him the go to dude for the dope lines. In 2007 after moving to the United States, he partnered with some friends from high school who were into HipHop and Rap music. He equally began spitting poetry on beats and made some songs which drew some attention and created a little high school recognition leading him to continue honing his rap skills. In 2013 he dropped his first album Hip-Hop “The Foundation”and in 2017 his first Afro-Trap album “Afeseh” after multiple singles and videos.
His latest project “SUMMER JOLLOF” is the perfect summertime music served up in perfect portion with five tunes with hit single “Fine Gyel”. The title is in reference to jollof rice meal enjoyed across West Africa, good food translating to good music.
RifleX plans are to continue building his brand, team and work hard to take his craft to the next level.