S2E24 Didier Ganza: Co-founder and CEO of S.O. AFRIKA Entertainment

In this episode we sit down with Dider Ganza, co-founder and CEO of S.O. AFRIKA a group of artistic individuals, graphic
designers, cinematographers, rappers and singers based across the
world. It’s primary mission is to put African artists on the map by
providing all the tools necessary for one to succeed in today’s industry.
We cover a wide range of topics including his new raido show, AUDIBLE TRAVEL that goes live every Tuesday at 6am – 7am on Livesquareradio (search and download the ios app!) Read More

S2E23 Chris Ntong founder of Aklave , a location based social app where Africans meet

Christian Ntong is a software engineer, photographer and founder of Aklave. Aklave is a location based social app where Africans meet to share information and find meaningful relationships.

Aklave is where Africans who are looking to meet people like them can go to find dates, friends or connections. It’s also quite useful if you need to discover Afrocentric places and events happening near you. Visit aklave.com to learn more
Instagram: chrisntong
Twitter: chrisntong
Facebook: Finey2000
Linkedin: cantong

S2E22 OjaExpress with Co-Founder Boyede Sobitan

Oja Express is a marketplace for small grocers that sell cultural specific groceries and consumers shop for their cultural groceries in and easy and convenient manner.
In this Episode, we interiew Boyede Sobitan, co-founder of Oja Express. He walks us through the dream, challenges and what it took to make this a reality.

S2E21 Ebong Eka – CPA, Entrepreneur and former Pro Basketball player

As a certified public accountant, entrepreneur and former professional
basketball player in Europe, Ebong Eka understands the importance of
team work, leadership and development not only on the court but within
companies. His experiences, both as a consultant and Soft Skills
communication trainer with some of the largest professional services
firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche,
multinationals and organizations lend to his ability to offer a fresh
perspective in a commanding yet approachable manner that draws a
diverse audience.

Ebong is a leadership, entrepreneur and small business expert who
regularly appears on MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business Channel, NBC and
CNN. Ebong is also an accomplished TEDx Speaker, motivational speaker,
Bank of America Small Business Expert and Office Depot Blogger. Ebong
is also the author of the book, “Start Me Up! – The No-Business-Plan
Business Plan”, published by Career Press! (available on AMAZON)


S2E20 Tabby – Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness month. In this episode we invite our previous guest, Tabitha Kaguri, who is a practicing Therapist and a PhD candidate to talk about challenges faced by individuals dealing with mental illness and what those around them can do to help. Mental illness is not something that is talked about in the immigrant or diaspora communities but recently the trend is changing by young people taking up the mantle of addressing this and fighting to remove the stigma that has hindered people from seeking help.
Tabitha is founder and CEO of the Edja Foundation (edjafoundation.org)that has a mission of combating child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Twitter: twitter.com/EdjaFoundation
Facebook: www.facebook.com/edjafoundation/

S2E19 Timothy Ongwela – Realtor, Filmmaker & Professional Model

Much to the dismay of his conservative Kenyan Parents, Tim marches to the beat of his own drum and enjoys taking his own advice for good and bad. After studying Business Management and Theology at Oakwood University and working in those respective fields for some time, Tim decided to endure more punishment and enroll in nursing school. After graduating he worked as a nurse and administrator in Indian, Michigan, and California.
Throughout his different career journeys Tim has always had the entrepreneurs spirit. He has been a part of a number of business ventures ranging from indoor advertising to car rentals. Today he operates a video production company Timothy Christopher Films and acts as Development Coordinator for Rezide Properties, a building company based in Atlanta Georgia. He also keeps busy consulting, public speaking, and modeling on the side.
Tim believes that everyone has a purpose and should follow their passions. “We should all strive to be the best version of self possible and help others do the same”. Ultimately his goal is to live a happy fulfilling life, and help others achieve their dreams.
IG: @TheLifeMaven

S2E18 Kenneth Watson Jr. CEO Esquire Meals LLC

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kenneth was always around delicious food! His mother made sure that dinner was always cooked and we had meals packed for us to go to school. While food was always around, it wasn’t always the healthiest. Read More

S2E17 Boye Asenuga : Co-Founder of CHICNICITY

Boye Asenuga is the Co-Founder of CHICNICITY and a Fashion/Apparel Development and Production Consultant, with over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. Read More

S2E16 Dr Praise Matemavi – Multivisceral Transplant Surgery Fellow

Dr. Praise Matemavi is a multi visceral transplant surgery fellow at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Read More

S2E15 Little Kampala Restaurant Owner & Head Chef Paul Ofwono

One of the many things that unite us as human beings is our love for delicious food. In this episode, we take a candid look at what it took for Paul Ofwono to transfer that passion and dream into a reality. Read More