S3E8 Judicaelle Irakoze: Womanist| Entrepreneur | Published Author

Judicaelle Irakoze is a burundian feminist, passionate with articulating about gender inequalities. She is the founder and Executive Director of Choose Yourself, an non profit organization building a world where gender equity reigns through community building. She also runs Abigaelle Closet, a fashion company empowering lives through fashion. She is  a publisher author. Her story Mamoutchka was published in the anthology ” the season for building houses “. Judicaelle has written different articles published in The Portland press Herald, the guardian. She constantly blogs at African feminism, a community writing of African feminists

S3E7 Living an Efficient and Effective Entrepreneurial Life: Valmy Karemera, Real Estate Investor

Valmy S. Karemera was born in Rwanda and moved to North America as a teenager. He became an Adventist while studying Biology in Canada, after which he went on to pursue his graduate studies in the US. He is currently a investor and resides in the Houston Area with his wife and tow children.
Follow him on Twitter: @valmysk

S3E6 Wokie Zaria: Professional Model

Greetings, my name is Wokie Zaria Kiamue. Born in Monrovia, Liberia, I relocated to the
Commonwealth of Dominica with my parents when I was just five years old. My mother and I
immigrated to the United States when I was six; my father joined us two years later.

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S3E5 Yinka Akinsanya: Founder of Command Your Wit

My name is Yinka Akinsanya, born in Lagos, Nigeria. I only transferred schools from Nigeria to the states 4 years ago.
Like my environment back home, I’ve been lucky enough to settle in a city (Saint Paul, Minnesota), that consists of the poor and the rich, so to my advantage I have been able to appreciate the different cultures and diversity of social classes in the United States. Now I’m an Accountant and the Founder of Command Your Wit Read More

S3E4 Tobi Owolabi: Motivator | Life Coach | Public Speaker

“I wish you would tell us that we couldn’t accomplish something. I don’t care if you have more money than us, if you’re stronger, faster, or think you’re smarter. Unless we allow them to, they can’t outwork us. That’s where we even out the playing field”
– Tobi Owolabi Read More

S3E3: Dr Irene Okoronkwo Obika : Chisom The Champ L.L.C.

Dr Irene Okoronkwo-Obika holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice she is a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Psychiatry Mental Health Nurse Practitioner a Certified Correctional Health Professional (Mental Health) and founder of the company Chisom The Champ LLC which was created to inspire and empower children worldwide to accept and love themselves.  Read More

S3E2: Debrah Akinkuolie : PR Strategist/ C.E.O of For Most Branding & Lifestyle Curators

Debrah Akinkuolie has a proven track record of providing immense publicity for entities and other like brands. Over the years, she has grown from a summer intern to a well seasoned public relations strategist with a specialty in crisis management and brand construction.

4 years of strategically connecting various brands with consumers and new markets. (Zipz Wine, Cami’s Cupcakes, LaFaMedia Productions)

2 years of campaigning and direct marketing mentoring with The Fillmore (Event Hall, Silver Spring Maryland)

Ever-growing network of marketing directors, publicists and media hubs that keep the ideas and partnerships fresh and organic.

Curated For Most Branding 2 Years ago, a well respected and growing public relations firm.

I like to connect the dots.

S2E25 King Paul: Actor And Comedian

King Paul is a Nigerian, American actor that uploads comedic skits to social media. He began shooting skits on Vine back in 2013 and has been gaining fame ever since. A few of his vine videos went viral until the app was eventually taken down. He now uploads skits to Instagram, Twitter & sometimes youtube to keep his fans entertained.

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S2E24 Didier Ganza: Co-founder and CEO of S.O. AFRIKA Entertainment

In this episode we sit down with Dider Ganza, co-founder and CEO of S.O. AFRIKA a group of artistic individuals, graphic
designers, cinematographers, rappers and singers based across the
world. It’s primary mission is to put African artists on the map by
providing all the tools necessary for one to succeed in today’s industry.
We cover a wide range of topics including his new raido show, AUDIBLE TRAVEL that goes live every Tuesday at 6am – 7am on Livesquareradio (search and download the ios app!) Read More

S2E23 Chris Ntong founder of Aklave , a location based social app where Africans meet

Christian Ntong is a software engineer, photographer and founder of Aklave. Aklave is a location based social app where Africans meet to share information and find meaningful relationships.

Aklave is where Africans who are looking to meet people like them can go to find dates, friends or connections. It’s also quite useful if you need to discover Afrocentric places and events happening near you. Visit to learn more
Instagram: chrisntong
Twitter: chrisntong
Facebook: Finey2000
Linkedin: cantong