S3E8 Judicaelle Irakoze: Womanist| Entrepreneur | Published Author

Judicaelle Irakoze is a burundian feminist, passionate with articulating about gender inequalities. She is the founder and Executive Director of Choose Yourself, an non profit organization building a world where gender equity reigns through community building. She also runs Abigaelle Closet, a fashion company empowering lives through fashion. She is¬† a publisher author. Her story Mamoutchka was published in the anthology ” the season for building houses “. Judicaelle has written different articles published in The Portland press Herald, the guardian. She constantly blogs at African feminism, a community writing of African feminists

S3E2: Debrah Akinkuolie : PR Strategist/ C.E.O of For Most Branding & Lifestyle Curators

Debrah Akinkuolie has a proven track record of providing immense publicity for entities and other like brands. Over the years, she has grown from a summer intern to a well seasoned public relations strategist with a specialty in crisis management and brand construction.

4 years of strategically connecting various brands with consumers and new markets. (Zipz Wine, Cami’s Cupcakes, LaFaMedia Productions)

2 years of campaigning and direct marketing mentoring with The Fillmore (Event Hall, Silver Spring Maryland)

Ever-growing network of marketing directors, publicists and media hubs that keep the ideas and partnerships fresh and organic.

Curated For Most Branding 2 Years ago, a well respected and growing public relations firm.

I like to connect the dots.

S2E1: Consolee Nishimwe – Author and Motivational Speaker

Consolee Nishimwe is an Author, a Motivational Speaker and a survivor of the 1994 genocide against the
Tutsi in Rwanda. She suffered physical and emotional torture during her three months in hiding and
miraculously survived with her mother and younger sister.
Today, Consolee is a committed speaker on the genocide, a defender of women rights and an advocate
for other genocide survivors.

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