S3E9 Sandra Muchekeza – Co-founder, Asili Kids. Celebrating the Power of African Stories

Sandra Muchekeza is the co-founder of Asili Kids, a children’s brand dedicated to the entertainment and education of children through African stories. Sandra started Asili Kids with her sister Dorothy to address the lack of children stories reflecting African realities. Asili Kids celebrates the connection between identity, culture and community for African children around the world. Born and raised in Kenya, she now lives in Canada with her husband and her two sons.


S2E22 OjaExpress with Co-Founder Boyede Sobitan

Oja Express is a marketplace for small grocers that sell cultural specific groceries and consumers shop for their cultural groceries in and easy and convenient manner.
In this Episode, we interiew Boyede Sobitan, co-founder of Oja Express. He walks us through the dream, challenges and what it took to make this a reality.